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||Todd Cooper  ||Laura H  ||San Antonio   
||Todd Cooper  ||Laura H  ||San Antonio   
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||Q4||||NO MEETING  
||Q4||||NO MEETING  

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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Tuesday Jan 17 AM Q1 NO MEETING n/a n/a n/a
Q2 NO MEETING n/a n/a n/a
PM Q3 Proposed Topics
  • HSI Project Review
    • FHIR Related projects
    • Non-FHIR Related projects
  • SDC Profiles and Plans - Lamah Asadullah
  • Thursday attendence and agenda
  • Plans for Madrid
Todd Cooper Laura H San Antonio


  • PSS 1231 Review - can HSI be Primary? The original need for this PSS has been taken care of and we can retire the PSS. The resources have found a home - but the extensions, or xxx may need to have attention somewhere.
  • Would like to list the IHE profiles on the FHIR Foundation implementaiton guidelines wiki page.
  • The FHIR Foundation is working through some guidelines on what needs to be met to be allowed to post on it.
  • IHE would need to decide at what point the document would be posted.
  • An IHE representative to go into the FHR wiki page an add the 1-16 IHE profiles to the list for content to be looked at in the requirements gathering of what type of content is being requested to include. But there may be tooling issues - as the current FHIR tool is based on STU3 and all IHE is updated to is STU2.
  • Quesitons on how the FHIR tool can utulize and perhaps capitalize on some of the IHE tooling - Need to go to the FHIR foundation - and ask how can the IHE authoring tooling and the outputs of IHE tooling that could be integrated with IHE profiles represented that are represented on the FHIR foundation page.

Todd will take that quesiton to the FHIR foundation. IHE will contribute the resources needed from IHE to make the connectivity/tool support work if and when appropriate.

  • Call Cadence - Every other Friday at noon Mountain ok
  • No one available for coverage of the Thrusday meeting - will talk to Emma.
  • send out the weekly meeting invite with a calendar invite.