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* '''Completed'''
* '''Completed'''
** [[2016-01-14_HSI_WGM]]
** [[2016-01-12_HSI_WGM]]
** [[2016-01-12_HSI_WGM]]
** [[2015-12-04_HSI_CALL]]
** [[2015-12-04_HSI_CALL]]

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Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI) Work Group


The HSI Work Group provides a point-of-focus within HL7 for coordination, facilitation and standardization activities that include integration with non-HL7 groups and standards components. These activities include establishing a combined picture of joint activity and HL7 standards integration, coordinating and when appropriate providing a home for joint and collaborative standards, tooling and services development, including implementation guides that employ multiple standards to address specific use cases. It will provide a forum for other standards organizations to exchange feedback and guidance with HL7 WGs based on implementation and testing of HL7 standards by HIT vendors and implementation projects and will enable harmonization of planning and timelines for development, as well as review and publication of technical specifications developed and maintained by the organizations represented.

  • Note: Where coordination is already working well in other HL7 work groups, the HSI WG will collaborate and provide support as appropriate.

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  • Co-Chairs
      • Todd Cooper
      Center for Medical Interoperability
      Term ends Oct 2016
      • John Donnelly MS MBA
      IntePro Solutions Inc
      Term ends Oct 2017
      • Laura Heermann-Langford
      Intermountain Healthcare
      Term ends Oct 2017

HSI WG Web Page

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  1. Scroll down the list to Healthcare Standards Integration
  2. Check hsi Healthcare Standards Integration Work Group
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the confirmation statement
  4. Press Request Subscription

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. Follow the instructions on the email to activate your account. Once an account has been confirmed you can mail to the listserv using the mailing address

Agenda and Minutes