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Health Language FHIR terminology services

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Our external facing URL to our FHIR GUI is: The user id is: hlfhir The password is: hlfhir

We also will be supporting the ability for clients to send API requests from their RESTful client to our FHIR Server.

Our server supports the following operations with valueSets and codeSystems: $expand $validate-code $translate $lookup

What other information would you suggest we publicize prior to the conference? Do you find most people at the Connectathon are going to be content with using our web GUI or are they going to want more freedom to make API calls and get the full messaging payload? If the later, would the best method be to have you post the authorization token on the appropriate HL7 website prior to the conference?

With the following: Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiJkeFE3M3dIMllsaz0ifQ.22rE9EaaOK4MfZEr2KC3wADAEHAMlcXqtoqdN_ax2_8 Accept: application/json or xml or both

This GET request will display our conformance statement

These GET request will provide a list of all valueSets and CodeSystems we have made available on our server