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[[Category:Health Care Devices (DEV) WG]]
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===Meeting Information===
===Meeting Information===
{|border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"  
{|border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"  
|                                                                          |
|  MM    MM  TTTTTT  GGGGG        IIIIII  NN    NN  FFFFFF  OOOOO      |
|  MMM  MMM    TT    GG              II    NNN  NN  FF      OO  OO    |
|  MM MMM MM    TT    GG  GGG        II    NN NN NN  FFFF    OO  OO    |
|  MM  M  MM    TT    GG  GG        II    NN  NNN  FF      OO  OO    |
|  MM    MM    TT    GGGGG        IIIIII  NN    NN  FF      OOOOO      |
|                                                                          |
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| width="50%" colspan="2" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''HL7 Health Care Devices (HCD / DEV) and IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications General Committee Meeting Minutes''' <br/>
| width="50%" colspan="2" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''HL7 Health Care Devices (HCD / DEV) and IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications General Committee Meeting Minutes''' <br/>
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'''Location: Junior Ballroom Salon A, Sheraton Vancouver Ball Centre, Vancouver, BC'''
'''Location: Junior Ballroom Salon A, Sheraton Vancouver Ball Centre, Vancouver, BC'''
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| width="50%" colspan="2" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Date: 2012-05-14 to 2012-05-18'''
| width="50%" colspan="2" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Date: 2012-04-14'''<br/> '''Time: Q1'''
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| width="35%" colspan="1" align="left"|Todd Cooper
| width="25%" colspan="1" align="right"|'''Note taker(s)'''
| width="30%" colspan="1" align="left"|Todd Cooper, John Rhoads
| border="4" cellpadding="1" colspan="4" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|
| border="1" cellpadding="2" colspan="1" align="left"|'''Attendee'''
| '''Name'''
|                                                                                |
|  AA  AA    TT      TT    EE      NNN  NN  DD  DD  EE      EE      SS        |
|  AAAAAA    TT      TT    EEEE    NN NN NN  DD  DD  EEEE    EEEE    SSSS      |
|  AA  AA    TT      TT    EE      NN  NNN  DD  DD  EE      EE          SS    |
|  AA  AA    TT      TT    EEEEEE  NN    NN  DDDDD    EEEEEE  EEEEEE  SSSSS      |
|                                                                                |
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| .|| .
|colspan="4" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|
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|colspan="4" |'''Quorum Requirements Met: Yes/No'''
|colspan="4" style="font-style:italic; color:green;" |''quorum achieved as defined in the Work Group Decision Making Practices?''
|                                                          |
|    AAAA    GGGGG  EEEEEE  NN    NN  DDDDD    AAAA      |
|  AA  AA  GG      EE      NNN  NN  DD  DD  AA  AA    |
|  AA  AA  GG  GG  EE      NN  NNN  DD  DD  AA  AA    |
|  AA  AA  GGGGG  EEEEEE  NN    NN  DDDDD    AA  AA    |
|                                                          |
'''Agenda Topics''' <br/>
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#Agenda review and approval ''<font color="green"> (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda) </font>''
#Approve previous meeting minutes
# ''<noinclude><font color="green"> (Other topics; e.g. ''if voting on ballot reconciliation item - see minutes)''</font>
#''<font color="green"> (If projects or other actions proposed for approval are on the agenda, they can be marked in bold and represented as) </font></noinclude>
'''Supporting Documents'''<br/>
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|                                                                  |
|  MMM  MMM    II    NNN  NN  UU  UU    TT    EE      SS        |
|  MM MMM MM    II    NN NN NN  UU  UU    TT    EEEE    SSSS      |
|  MM  M  MM    II    NN  NNN  UU  UU    TT    EE          SS    |
|  MM    MM  IIIIII  NN    NN  UUUU    TT    EEEEEE  SSSSS      |
|                                                                  |
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'''Minutes/Conclusions Reached:'''<br/>
#''<noinclude> <font color="green">(Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)''</font>
#''<font color="green">(One efficient method used for meeting minutes is approval by general consent, of non-controversial topics like minutes when there are no corrections:  “You have received the minutes.  Are there any corrections to the minutes?  Hearing none, if there is no objection the minutes are approved as posted.”)''</font>
#<font color="green">(Discussion on agenda topic 3; ''If voting on ballot reconciliation item:''</font><br/> Agenda business is ballot reconciliation? Yes / No  <br/> Ballot reconciliation posted to ballot desktop? Yes / No <br/> If no, where is ballot reconciliation posted? ________________)<br/> '' if voting on ballot reconciliation, please indicate the votes are documented elsewhere, and note the item numbers from the spreadsheet, but you may document the actual vote tallies in the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet.''
#''<font color="green">Discussion on agenda topic 4;'' </font>'''Motion (if amended) can be retyped in bold.'''  Discussion on motion back to regular type.  '''Vote on Motion in bold''' <font color="green"> Identify the vote distribution across affirmative, negative, or abstention; numbers in format “for/against/abstain”, or ‘unanimous’.</font>
#<font color="green">''Discussion on agenda topic 5; if no conclusion reached and issue tabled to next meeting, add to ‘next meeting’ items below.  If action items are identified, add to ‘Actions’ below.''</font> </noinclude>
#Adjourned <hh:mm am/pm> <timezone>.
===Meeting Outcomes===
{|border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"
|                                                                |
|  AA  AA  CC        TT      II    OO  OO  NNN  NN  SS        |
|  AAAAAA  CC        TT      II    OO  OO  NN NN NN  SSSS      |
|  AA  AA  CC        TT      II    OO  OO  NN  NNN      SS    |
|  AA  AA  CCCCC    TT    IIIIII  OOOOO  NN    NN  SSSSS      |
|                                                                |
| width="100%" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Actions''' ''<noinclude><font color="green">(Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)''</font></noinclude>
* .
|                                                                          |
|  NN    NN  EEEEEE  XX  XX  TTTTTT      MM    MM  TTTTTT  GGGGG      |
|  NNN  NN  EE      XX XX    TT        MMM  MMM    TT    GG          |
|  NN NN NN  EEEE      XXX      TT        MM MMM MM    TT    GG  GGG    |
|  NN  NNN  EE      XX XX    TT        MM  M  MM    TT    GG  GG    |
|  NN    NN  EEEEEE  XX  XX    TT        MM    MM    TT    GGGGG      |
|                                                                          |
|width="100%" |'''Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items'''<br/>
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Reviewed and approved agenda
2012-JAN DEV WG Minutes / Action Items Review
All Action Item topics captured with agenda items later this week
HL7 Mission / Charter - 3 Year Plan - SWOT
Initial review of current statements / documents
Mission statement
"enterprise level" - means different things to different people; possibly used by some to "exclude" < what exactly???> ;
ACTION:  (Hobbs) Provide a proposal for changing the wording of the first line of the Mission statement (starting "To facilitate the integration of health care device information at the enterprise level by ...")
CLSI - Is this still an active area of coordination
ACTION:  (Todd) contact CLSI to get an update w.r.t. their activity in this area
(Andrez) CLSI POCT
RF-ID & 2D Bar code; mechanical optical characteristics + semantic content; new project in CLSI Lab Automation
Chapter 13 (HL7) IHE & CLSI working on an analyzer profile within LAB Domain; LAW profile (lab analyizer workflow)
DEV WG Liaison groups - external
WHO eHSCG - ACTION:  check with Melvin
ACTION:  Consider adding
extend CDRH to include MDICC
IHTSDO (ACTION:  Christoph to assess)
LOINC (NLM/Regenstrief) -
ACTION:  Christoph to assess
ACTION:  Follow up w/ Paul Schluter re. LOINC "harmonization" (per Cambridge 2010 Fall meetings)
HL7 Internal Relationships
Consider adding
Conformance WG
Tooling WG
ACTION:  Garguilo to coordinate
HL7 DEV WG Charter
Reviewed the current items in the Charter statement
IDC - Should stay within the Charter of the DEV WG
Consider adding:
Model driven definitions related to POC / PHD devices DCM4MD (Patient Care ...)
ACTION (Rhoads) Check HL7 project for DCM4MD
Command & Control: 
<what do I say here if anything???>
Security WG engagement - should there be more engatement
Mobile Health WG engagement:
Mobile Health WG Forming
Forming - Scope, Mission, Charter etc.
Where did this come from?
Many questions aimed at HL7 w.r.t mHealth engagement
march 16th first TCon to kick off consideration
Presentations on HL7 server ... wiki page
Interim co-chair elections
Liaisons (include DEV WG)
3-Year Plan
Decision Making Process
ID data standards & functional requirements
ID & promote terminology for interoperability
Coordinate & cooperate with other groups
With DEV WG:  Clear touch points w/ PHD devices
Definition of mHealth? 
<see definition from glossary - Rhoads provides reference>
Specifically "Mobile Health Device" focused ... need to clarify in Scope w.r.t. DEV WG Scope
Need to delineate "use cases" to clarify the class of applications that may be the focus of the group
Is this mostly a "presentation" application set
Where does telehealth fit within HL7 today?  Historically?
ACTION ?:  (Co-Chairs?) Determine whether this mHealth WG would require updating the definition of "health care devices" definition, or does this need to wait until the mHealth group figures out what it's charter is?
DCM4MD General Update
Jan provided a general history / origin of the project
DCM around ventilator usage, was created and has been taken to ballot - comments being resolved?
Thursday Q4 will review specific work in this area
IEEE 11073 Update (Bennett)
<see slides>
11073 PAR approach
ACTION:  (Wittenber) Open Amendment PAR
ACTION:  (Wittenber) Modify current Revision PAR to "restructure standard" , consider ...
Withdraw current Revision PAR
Submit new PAR for an Overview & Arch Document
Plan to submit a new PAR for a DB standard - ONCE THE PROCESS IS FINALIZED BY IEEE; Kathryn to report @ September 2012 Baltimore meetings
Note:  "7x" annual reviews:  4 F2F RevCom/year + 3 TCon meetings
10102 aECG
Paul should have a complete draft document around June 7th
Ballot Invitees:  Harry Solomon (DICOM), Barry Brown (RCRIM), ... HRS?
IHTSDO - Changes in senior management @ both org's stalled renewal ... will be resubmitted soon
HL7 - Up for renewal soon ... will confer with HL7 Staff (Karen V.) regarding this process and timing
RTMMS:  IEEE Senior Management considering making access to RTMMS freely available (!!!)
Final decision by 15 June 2012 - possible stakeholder meeting in June at NIST
Open questions include governance of who gets to participate in which role
Working Group Policies and Procedures need to be checked - should PHD maintain separate ones? TBD
ACTION:  (Wittenber / Kirwan) to determine if there can be a single harmonized set of working group PnP's, to report back summer 2012
"Ecosystem Mapping Session: Discussion w/ Melvin @ Piscataway in April;
13 action items identified
Potential usage of the ISO DB process model
Participation @ ITU-WHO Workshop e-Health Standards & Interoperability, Geneva, 26-27 april 2012 ... IEEE participation
DICOM Request for nomenclature terms:
After 2 years, IEEE processed copyright request for -10101 ecg value sets; -10102 is "on hold" until published
Looking at an "AED" (defib) Quality of Service (?) part
No current devices support this type of 911 calling (per those in the room who are familiar with these systems)
ACTION:  (Kathryn) to follow up with 802 contact <name?> to convene a discussion about the possible opportunities in this area
EMBS conference in San Diego ... plan on an 11073 presentation?
ACTION:  (Kathryn) to contact Elliot Sloane to determine if he can
Consider whether EMBS is the correct society home for 11073; proposed is "CommSoc"
IEEE-SA @ HIMSS 2013 ... will have a booth
? "South by Southwest Interactive 2013" - Should there be an IEEE-SA presence?  11073 session
IEEE-SA SASB & Committees:
Never been any 11073 representation on these committees
ICE Update (Rausch)
<see slides>
General discussion around clarification of points on slides
For "Plan Going Forward" ... it will be announced in the next few months exactly what those steps are, which includes a restart of the "formal standards work"
General discussion of what will be specified in the ASTM specifications (clinical scenario level, technical implementation level) and how conformance can be tested, also at what point will the deliberations on the standards be visible outside the small working group
IEEE Document Numbering Issue
For example, Wittenber is proposing 11073-10301-Gx for various "flavors" of an infusion pump device specialziation
ACTION:  (Kathryn) Will check for options.
ISO TC215 WG7 Resolutions Report
[http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/healthcaredevices/May2012%20WGM%20HCD%20Draft%20Agenda-revC(4).pdf Agenda update to Tuesday morning, 2012-05-15]
11073-10422 is STILL AN ACTIVE PROJECT!!!
11073-10417 published, being amended, when amended to be submitted for Fast Track
11073-10418 INR monitor - ISO asks that it be submitted for Fast Track
New items to be added to work program -10413, -10419, -10441, -10442, -10443
Daidi Zhong: -10406 should be in this list - K. Bennet: there is a resolution on this in Finland meeting
TC215 WG7 being reorganized back into WG2 (where it formerly was)
Meeting minutes in process.
IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices work group update (Daidi Zhong) - see presentation
WG documents adopted 2012-05-15:
More members and institutions
Conference calls changed to Thursday 8:15 Pacific
4 new PARS: Resp Rate, Urine Analysis, Sleep Apnea Breathing.., Sleep Quality Monitor
-20601 revision in progress
*[http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/healthcaredevices/HCD_DEV_Mission_and_Charter_2012-05.docx HCD_DEV_Mission_and_Charter_2012-05.docx]
-10411 in 2nd rev.
P11073 -10419 - renewed interest from several members, now going forward
P11073-00103 PHD over iew recommended for approval by NesCom
New PARs approved
-10423 Sleep Quality Monitor - team is clarifying scope, might need to be split into two PARs
-10424 Sleep Apnea Breathing Therapy Equipment.
-10425 Continuous Glucose Monitor
No progress on P11073-10413 (Respiration) ,  -10404 (pulse oximeter) currently lacking lead authors
*[http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/healthcaredevices/HCD_DEV_Decision_Making_Process_2012-05.doc HCD_DEV_Decision_Making_Process_2012-05.doc]
*[http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/healthcaredevices/HCD_DEV_SWOT_Analysis_2012-05.doc HCD_DEV_SWOT_Analysis_2012-05.doc]

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Meeting Information

HL7 Health Care Devices (HCD / DEV) and IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications General Committee Meeting Minutes

Location: Junior Ballroom Salon A, Sheraton Vancouver Ball Centre, Vancouver, BC

Date: 2012-05-14 to 2012-05-18

Agenda update to Tuesday morning, 2012-05-15

Meeting minutes in process.

WG documents adopted 2012-05-15: