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Harmonization of Health Quality Information models

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This project is broken into phases for iteratively harmonize different information models used for health quality. The first phase focused on creating a harmonized conceptual information model (QiDAM). The second step defines a logical data model, currently intended for ballot January 2016 as an update to the FHIR Quality Profile (also known as QI CORE) with a Logical View of QI Core. Links to these resources:

QI Core 
QUICK Logical View (was QUICK Logical View)

Note: A January 2018 ballot version of QI Core and QUICK will update the current version once ballot reconciliation has been completed.

US Quality Data Model (QDM) Mapping to FHIR-based Quality Profile (QI CORE)

The CMS Quality Data Model (QDM) has been used to express electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) in HQMF since 2012. QDM is a conceptual data model that has evolved based on feedback, testing and use. The current version (5.3) and QDM’s complete history can be found on the eCQI Resource Center ( Most of the QDM concepts map directly to FHIR resources and extensions represented in QI Core.

This version of QI Core includes mappings from QI Core to QDM. Reviewers can evaluate the comparisons, represented in the Mappings table for each QI Core resource. Each mapping table shows the QI Core concept in the left-hand column and the corresponding QDM datatype(s) and attributes in the left-hand column. Only QI Core metadata concepts represented in QDM are included in the mapping tables. The effort mapped the intended meaning of each QDM datatype and attribute to a QI Core resource metadata element. In some cases, multiple QDM datatypes map to a single QI Core resource as indicated in the QI Core mapping table.

In addition to the QI Core to QDM comparisons presented with each QI Core resource, this section of the implementation guide presents the mapping directly from QDM concepts. Thus, the IG provides a view of the mappings in both directions (QI Core to QDM, and QDM to QI Core). This section is divided into 55 sections, one for each QDM concept, or QDM datatype. Each QDM datatype includes a general description of the concept and a table mapping each of the QDM datatype-related attributes to QI Core metadata elements. Refer to the eCQI Resource Center ( for the full QDM 5.3 documentation.

FHIR-based Quality Profile (QI CORE) and Quality Information Clinical Knowledge (QUICK) Data Model Development

  • Meeting Times

Calls occurred in 2015 and 2016 Data modeling activities have moved to the CIMI Workgroup

Earlier QiDAM Work

For more information on prior QiDAM efforts for the project and it's phases:

Latest Project Scope Statement

GitHub Repository for harmonized model

This repository contains different artifacts where the team is documenting all of harmonization of the different standards. github

Standards included in Harmonization

Other requirements and reference documents