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Harmonization Process Change

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Status of This Page

This page is being drafted to hold a set of updates to the existing Vocabulary and RIM Harmonization Process page, based on experiences and concerns that were raised in October 20153.

This is NOT complete document. It carries the TOC of the primary document to allow comments and proposed changes to be classified by the section to which they apply.

Background and Objectives

Approval Process

Submission Process and Schedule

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Initial Proposal Deadline

Initial Proposal Rules

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Required Data Elements

Content-Endorsing Sponsor

International Override

Technical Review

Final Proposal Deadline

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Followup Review


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Harmonization Meeting

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Amendment During Meeting

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Proponent Presence Required During Item Discussion

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Ratification of Universal Value Set Bindings by HL7 International Council

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Adoption and Publication

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"Membership" - Representation, Voting, Quorum

Representation of Work Groups and Stewards

Designation of Representatives

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Quorum Requirements

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Voting - Simple- and Super-Majority

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Harmonization vis-a-vis Balloting

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Ballot "Scope" for RIM and Vocabulary elements

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Harmonization Decision Registry

Supporting Wiki Pages

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Prior Page Content and History

This Page was initiated by Russ Hamm May 17, 2010

I moved two prior Harmonization-related sub-items (that had been listed under MnM on the "Main page") here, because as this page is completed, this is where those links belong. GWBeeler

  • Harmonization Wiki Template
    This template came into being in 2006, but has never been formally used as a harmonization source path. I (GWBeeler) suggest this be dropped for the following reason(s):
    • The current proposal management process is highly dependent upon being able to extract specific data fields from the Word document, and the Wiki template has no facilities that lend themselves to reliable automated parsing.
    • We should focus current improvements on the updating of the Word "template"
  • Vocabulary Harmonization Tool
    The Vocabulary Maintenance Language remains a main-stay of vocabulary harmonization processing, but the specific tool linked from here has no active users, and therefore, I (GWBeeler) suggest this link be dropped.