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Harmonization Editor Manual (ValueSets)

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Value Set Revisions are:

Those revisions that are applied to a node selected from the Value Set Navigator tree in the application.
For the most part these revisions affect the Value Sets in HL7 vocabulary, their contents (including Coded Concepts from Code Systems, and their binding to Concept Domains. (This is the only complete set of revisions as of 10 October 2007)

The revision selections are made by selecting any of the nodes in the Value Set Navigator tree and then doing a "right-click" with your mouse. This will activate menus that differ depending upon whether a Value Set node or a Leaf node is selected, as per the following:

Value Set nodes Leaf nodes
Menu selections from a value set node
Menu selections from a leaf node

Organization of this section

This section is broken into two subsections, one dealing with menu choices when a Value Set node has been selected, and the other for choices when a Leaf node has been selected.

Each of these subsections opens with an overview of the choices available from that type of node, and is further divided into one sub-subsection for each menu choice, with the sub-subsection title being identical to the text in the menu names as seen above.

The opening of the menu item sub-subsections describes all of the actions that can be taken from that selection, as well as noting any similar actions that can be taken from other menu selections. The sub-subsection then proceeds to present in sequence the forms or dialogs that the application presents, along with the steps needed to satisfy those forms. Finally, when a form requires entry of data to support a particular change, there may be a hyper link from this document to the "data definitions" for the various entries, as defined in the HL7 Vocabulary Maintenance Language.

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