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Harmonisation Proposals

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Outdated Page: This page has a very general name; is very old; was created for local use; and is not linked from any other Wiki Page. See Harmonization Proposals for a page maintained by those responsible for HL7's Vocabulary and RIM Harmonization Process Posted: GWBeeler 14:52, 14 November 2013 (UTC)

List of Harmonisation Topics for November 2009

POME Based

The following items wewre noted on the DMIM used as a basis for the normative version. These changes have probably all been resolved for the COmmon Product Model.

1) Add into appropriate domain (may already have been approved at harmonisation) SubstanceAdministrationMethod

CountryCode (in Country) (no harmonisation issue - should use CountryEntityType)

ContainerEntityType (in PackagedMedicine) (no harmonisation issue - valaue set does now exist)

RegulatiuonPolicyActCode (in Policy) see: [1]

ActMedicineapproval (in approoval) (no harmonisation issue - has been defined)

2) Add domain descriptions for:

RouteOfAdministration - afms should fix this [2]

MedicationObservationType (in Characteristic) (no harmonisation issue - definition now exists)

3) Find better vocab domains for

AdministrationGuideline.code : ActCode [3] and [4]

PORX Based

  • more appropriate ActCode domains for Header and SubstanceAdministration

SubstanceAdministrationRequest.code should be constrained to a suitable concept domain. CombinedMedicationRequest.code should be constrained to a suitable concept domain.

Common Product Model Based

  • Vocabulary for SpecialisedKind roleCode [5]

There is currently a concept domain of MedicationGeneralisationRoleType that is defined as Identifies the specific hierarchical relationship between the playing and scoping medications. THis currntly has examples of Generic, Generic FOrmulation and Therapeutic Class. We need to provide a more structured representative vocabulary set to cover the IDMP concepts of MPID, PharmaceuticalProduct and PhPID and also the classification concepts of “medicine”, “vaccine”, “biologicals” without disrupting the more general concepts that are used in the medication model and are only shown as examples at present.

In the Entity Name data type there is vocabulary for person and address name parts. We need to extend this vocabulary to cover medication name parts used for building formal alternative names.

  • ActProductApprovalType[7]

Need a representative vocabulary to provide a hierarchy under which specific approval events are defined: - first marketing authorisation; - renewal; - variation; - withdrawal; - marketing start; - marketing stop

  • Devices as Ingredients[8]

Add vocabulary to the hierarchy of values under RoleClassIngredientEntity to distinguish a "Mechanical Ingredient" from other types of ingredient.