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HL7 wiki FAQ

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This page contains questions about how HL7 uses wiki software to support its development process. It is being developed as part of the wiki usage policy project, and readers are encouraged to look at that page and contribute to this effort.

  • How do I know where a committee or project wiki is?
  • Who can make changes to a committee or project wiki?
  • As a committee co-chair or project lead, what are my responsibilities with respect to the wiki?
  • Can the HL7 wiki be used for affiliate projects?
  • Password/access questions:
    • When should wiki content be behind a general password (eg wiki/wikiwiki for the HL7 wiki)
    • when should individual logins be required.
    • When should there be an approvals process for registration?
    • Are all/any wiki pages included in google and other search engines
    • How do these guidelines relate to those for uploading documents to the website, or for access to mailing lists and mailing list archives?
  • How do people know when to look at the wiki and when to look elsewhere (eg website, cvs, gforge, project insight)