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The HL7 Uer Group Taskforce was created in September 2013 with the goal to discuss/define the creation of HL7 User Groups and the organization of user group meetings. This is an ongoing process.

  • In Sept.2013 it was decided to pilot some of the user group concepts
    1. In a new user group focused on clinical users of HL7 standards
    2. In the existing AID (Application Implementation and Design) User Group.
    • Details still have to be discussed.


  • John Hatem (chair) - John.Hatem@Oracle.com
  • Bonnie McAllister - Bonnie.Mcallister@iatric.com
  • Julie Crouse - Julie.Crouse@hhs.gov
  • Nathan Bunker - Nathan.Bunker@gmail.com
  • Rene Spronk - Rene.Spronk@ringholm.com
  • Ken McCaslin - Kenneth.H.Mccaslin@questdiagnostics.com
  • Keith Boone - Keith.Boone@ge.com
  • Marivan Abrahao - Marian@mac.com
  • Mark McDougall - MarkMcd@HL7.org
  • Karen Van Hentenryck - Karenvan@HL7.org