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HL7 Tools And Services Inventory

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The standards development work of HL7 International is increasingly dependent on tools and resources that help create, publish, maintain and distribute standards. Given new versions and new types of standards that evolve, the number of tools increases and need proper governance, maintenance and management. HL7 International also uses tools and resources for balloting, education, project management and administration for memberships which need to be accessible by the workgroups. Hence, the need for a tool and resource inventory emerged and was created in the summer of 2016. The focus of this inventory is to facilitate search for available tools and the long term governance of the tooling, resources and services assets of the HL7 organization.

All the HL7 tools and resources, both internal and external developed and managed, are included in the HL7 Tool Catalogue. The URL to this catalogue is [[1]]

A manual for guidance in how to use the HL7 Tool Catalogue can be downloaded here <need to include the link when the document is ready>.

The HL7 Tools and Services Inventory Application User Guide v1.2 provides information in how to use the HL7 Tool Catalogue.

In every project where a tool or a resource is developed, information on that tool or resource should be submitted to HL7 Headquarters with the request to include the tool/ resource information in the HL7 Tool Catalogue. For this, HL7 created a template which can be downloaded here File:Template For Submission version02.xlsx. Please don't use any markup in the cells of the file, unless MediaWiki markup.

The process for getting a tool/ resource included in the HL7 Tool Catalogue is:

  • 1. Information on the tool/ resource must be described according to the Excel template because using this Excel allows direct uploading the information by the administrator. This template can be obtained from this wiki page [[2]].
  • 2. Fill out this Excel form linked via the EST Tool Inventory wiki page at
  • 3. Submit the completed form to the EST co-chairs at [[3]].
  • 4. The EST co-chairs will review the submission and will, if needed, ask for clarification on the information in the submission.
  • 5. The EST co-chairs will talk to HL7 HQ on the submission and decide together if the tool/ resource included in the submission will be included in the Tool Catalogue or not.
  • 6. If the submission will be included in the Tool Catalogue, a Tool Catalogue Administrator will add the tool/resource.
  • 7. If the submission will NOT be included in the Tool Catalogue, the EST co-chairs will notify the submitting organization or person and include the reason why the tool/resource was not included.
  • 8. In case you have any questions about the submission of a specific tool, you can contact the EST co-chairs as well [[4]].

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