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*[[HL7 Templates Document]]
*[[HL7 Templates Document]]
**[[Purpose of Templates]]
*[[Template Principals]]
**[[General Use of Templates]]
**[[Functional Use of Templates (Section 4 of February 27th Las Vegas]]
*[[Templates Represented as HL7 V3 Artifacts]]
**[[MIF as the Normative Template Representation]]
***[[Walkthrough of how MIF is used to express templates]]
***[[Expected population of MIF meta-data]]
*[[Informative Appendicies]]
**[[Appendix A - Template Repository Requirements and Usage Recommendations]]
**[[Appendix B - Template Development Processes]]

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This section is sub-divided into Discussion and Document segments. Initially, the subsections in the document are mirrored.

The intention is to use the discussion thread to hash the details of the Templates Document using a conversational and collaborative approach. The results of this and the List Server discussions will then be reflected in the Document.

The Document will (hopefully) evolve into the material to be used as the Templates Ballot.