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HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2012-02-06

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

February 6, 2012

Attendees: Norman Gregory (CVM), Tim Lee (CBER), Tena Wei (CDRH), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sunovion), Mike Mlodzik (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), Edward Pec (Abbott Laboratories), Art Griesser (Promethues), and Sandra Spiewak (Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.)

  • Catherine got the XSLT forms to work, but the XForm had so much missing information it would not work. There is no way to save file to edit later, need to re-create the file, SPL has their own server where files can be saved. She has to re-invent the wheel and is in hopes of have something to show in three weeks. We will use next weeks meeting for questions and/or issues. She is looking at having two choices, Report and Report Revision.
  • Catherine tried to bundle a little server with the browser, but it did not work.
  • There has been some discussion about intellectual property of the the standard, schema, and IG.

Agenda for February 13 2012 Teleconference: