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HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2011-10-17

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

October 17, 2011


Norman Gregory (CVM), Tim Lee (CBER), Tena Wei (CDRH), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sunovion), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), Edward Pec (Abbott Laboratories), Art Griesser (Promethues), and Woody Beeler (Beeler Consulting)

  • The PORT domain is a hard one to manage because there are so many different people involved with the content.
  • The artifact ID (# after the UV) is not driven by the release, it is determined by how many times it was balloted (e.g., 4 DSTU ballots and 1 normative ballot would have a UV05). So all our message types and interactions should have UV02.
  • The HL7 ballot site has a ballot QA review section.
  • There is a mistake in the model and schema code for the element Substance, it reads: <xs:attribute name="determinerCode" type="EntityDeterminer" use="optional" fixed="EntityDeterminer"/>, it will be changed to match Product: <xs:attribute name="determinerCode" type="EntityDeterminer" use="optional" fixed="KIND"/>.
  • Woody will send me the new package with the corrections for eStability, I will send to Catherine, Art, and Mike Yang.
  • Once we have the corrected information Catherine will insert the correct model and XML snippets into the IG.

Agenda for October 24, 2011 Teleconference:

  • We will continue to use Adobe connect (to join the meeting:
  • Final changes to IG
  • Schematron progress update
  • eStabilty Validation Procedures document
  • Outstanding issues