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HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2010-09-27

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

September 27, 2010


Norman Gregory (CVM), Elizabeth Cormier (CVM), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sepracor), Mike Mlodzik (Fort Dodge Animal Health), Diane Miller (Alpharma), Julia Dana (Promethues), and Josh McDade (Promethues)

  • I heard from the SPL coordinator, Here is the direct link to the currently posted version: (Note, this document also acts as the base for the SPL schematron.)
  • We did get the second comment added to the eStability ballot "The business rules for messages submitted to FDA should be consistent when feasible".
  • Had a progress update from the schematron developer. Validator will validate the example xml. Have the ability to save and load schemas to the toll so you don't have to lad them every time. Organized schemas in a tree structure, if it does not pass parent it will not go to child.
  • Attached is the final version of the example xml file with annotations to be added to the IG (
  • Add "D-U-N-S® Number from Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS)" to the IG the first time DUNS number appeared. Also updated the IG on pages 12, 26, 37 and 52 with example of DUNS and FEI number, the numbers can't contain hyphens (-) or it will not validate.
  • There will be no teleconference on October 4th or October 11th.

Agenda for October 18, 2010 Teleconference:

  • We will continue to use Adobe connect (to join the meeting:
  • Update from HL7 meeting and IG ballot reconciliation.
  • Schematron progress update.