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HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2009-06-01

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

June 1, 2009


Norman Gregory (CVM), Elizabeth Cormier (CVM), David Longstaff (CVM), Amy Malla (CBER), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sepracor), Mike Mlodzik (Fort Dodge Animal Health), Paul Tenaglia (Apotex), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), Edward Pec (Abbott Laboratories), Holly Settles (Elanco), Lauren Merrill (Genzyme), Joanne Sordillo (Genzyme), and David Hurt (Applied BioSystems)

  • Jason has started on XForm.
  • Terry will do a document share using Adobe connect and we can do audio with the teleconference number. I will send out the link for the Adobe connect with the reminder on Thursday.
  • Style sheet - ISO date parsing code is present but not working. Is there anyone in the WG who knows how to get this to work?
  • The Pause Description Code would make better sense on Component 2. It appears to apply to the whole study and not each test interval. the example in the IG (page 67) is wrong, correction will be made.
  • The file named style_example.xml in the zipped files is the format for the style sheet
  • The test results are in the same order as the listed specifications. It could be useful if the test results could be sorted based on test OID, this looks to be better suited for the viewer to be developed and not the style sheet.

Agenda for June 1, 2009 Teleconference:

  • Discuss the style sheet example.
  • XForm and input tools update.