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**[[:category:EHRTCNL_Agenda|Lijst van agenda's]] (archief)
**[[:category:EHRTCNL_Agenda|Lijst van agenda's]] (archief)
**[[EHRTCNL:201305_Minutes|Verslag 12-november-2013]]
**[[NurseGroup:201401_Minutes|January 2014]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201304_Minutes|Verslag 10-september-2013]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201303_Minutes|Verslag 23-april-2013]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201302_Minutes|Verslag 05-mrt-2013]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201301_Minutes|Verslag 29-jan-2013]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201206_Minutes|Verslag 06-nov-2012]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201205_Minutes|Verslag 25-sep-2012]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201204_Minutes|Verslag 19-jun-2012]]
**[[Media:Verslag_Anneke_HL7_ISO_(2012-mei).pdf|Verslag Anneke HL7 WGM & ISO mei-2012]] (pdf)
**[[EHRTCNL:201203_Minutes|Verslag 24-apr-2012]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201202_Minutes|Verslag 06-mrt-2012]]
**[[EHRTCNL:201201_Minutes|Verslag 31-jan-2012]]
**[[:category:EHRTCNL_Minutes|Lijst van verslagen]] (archief)
**[[:category:EHRTCNL_Minutes|Lijst van verslagen]] (archief)

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Welcome to the HL7 Nurses Group Wiki!

The HL7 Nurses Group is started in 2009 during the International WG meeting in Atlanta. The goal of the HL7 nurses group is to explore how nurses are can be involved in the HL7 community. This wiki page is for facilitation of ongoing discussions, setting the agenda for a next meeting and publish the minutes of the meeting that had taken place. Please see the hl7 website for more information. For a subscription to the list services see the [1]. Got to Subscribe to List Services and stay updated on what is going on in the HL7 Nurses Group.

NOTE: The wiki of the HL7 Nurse Group is under development.

Agenda, Action Items, Minutes See also

The Nurse Group meets every HL7 Workgroep meeting on Tuesday Q0, this is 7.00 am. The location can be found in the 'On-Site Meeting Schedule & Hotel Guide' that come out every HL7 WGM.

Mission and Charter

To exchange information

to ensure nursing use cases and criteria are included in the HL7 standards.


Working group meeting wiki pages: