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HL7 FHIR Security 2018-12-04

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Call Logistics

Weekly: Tuesday at 02:00 pm EST

Web conference desktop and VOIP 
Online Meeting ID: security36
Phone: +1 515-604-9567, Participant Code: 880898
 Please be aware that teleconference meetings are recorded to assist with creating the meeting minutes 

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Member Name Member Name Member Name
x John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair . Alexander Mense Security Co-chair
x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair . Johnathan Coleman CBCC co-chair . Chris Shawn Security co-chair
. Jim Kretz . Kenneth Salyards . Nathan Botts Mobile co-chair
. Diana Proud-Madruga x Joe Lamy AEGIS . Beth Pumo
. Irina Connelly x Matt Blackman Sequoia . Mark Underwood NIST
. Peter Bachman . Grahame Greve FHIR Program Director . Kevin Shekleton (Cerner, CDS Hooks)
. Luis Maas . Julie Maas . Francisco Jauregui
. Gary Dickinson . Dave Silver x Mike Davis
x Peter van Liesdonk . No One x No One


  • Roll;
  • no agenda, so open call for agenda items
  • New business




  • John chaired
  • Given no agenda prepared, no prior minutes are approved.
  • Kathleen reported that the Connectathon track that we were going to do every other week on this call has been progressing within a HIMSS connectathon private discussion. It will thus not be developed here
    • John observed that is a fine place for demo to progress. We are looking to leverage the demo work to
      • See how well the specification fits the use-case, so that we can improve the specification as needed. Resource element meaning, values, vocabulary, valuesets, etc. Core extensions if needed.
      • Improve the narrative discussion in the FHIR specification based on experience from the demo
      • Add examples from the demo to the specification to aid with broader reader understanding of the specification
    • Will go back to weekly meetings on FHIR Security. With standing agenda item to work through these kind of opportunities for improvement from the demo specifically
  • Next week is the FHIRcast report
  • Following week will be normal call
  • December 25, and January 1 are canceled
  • No new items