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(HL7 V3 Publishing Task List)
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Help manage artifacts to support publishing QA.
Add artifact status management to the generator. 
''' CMET Publishing '''
Assigned To:  Dale / Woody From:  2006Sep
Change publishing to duplicate CMET in domain and in CMET central location.
Publish CMETS in COCT domain, but create publishing process to create CEMTS Topic in each content domain that contains hyperlinks to graphics, table, and excel views in the COCT domain. 
Will be in next cycle. 
Do we need to get a CMET Topic setup in each domain’s PubDb?  No. 
Woody has sent a CMET PubDb to each facilitator – each facilitator must maintain the CMET Domain as a separate domain, but can be in the same PubDb as the committee’s content.
''' Publishing Facilitator Guide Update '''
Assigned To:  Joann From:  2006Sep
Add content removed from Note to Readers Guide
Add instructions on revision markers to non-domain content.
Add documentation to support consistent/correct use of diagram references
Add that document names (e.g. in PubDb) must match ANSI names.
Additional ‘best practices’ examples (as provided by Dick Harding)
''' Package Note to Reader Updates '''
Assigned To:  Don From:  2006Sep
Narrow the scope to be focused on the information needed to cast a ballot including the following sections:
HL7 Overview (The Who/What/Why of HL7)
What is Being Balloted
Voting Process (How Voting works)
Reference to P&P and Bylaws where necessary
Move other content to V3 Guide or PubFacGuide as appropriate
Document the icons available and their meaning
''' V3 Guide Updates '''
Assigned To:  Andrew From:  2006Sep
Focus should be “V3 Guide for Voters”; V3 Guide for Implementers will be developed separately.
Change name to “V3 Guide for Voters” or similar to distinguish from Implementers.
Take in the Methodology content that is not appropriate for the PNtR
Need to Understand What is in the Ballot
Supporting Ballot specifically
''' V3 Guide for Implementers '''
Assigned To:  Helen / Andrew / Don From:  2007Jan
Helen/Don/Andrew to work with Implementation committee to create a V3 Guide for Implementers. 
''' Vocabulary '''
Assigned To:  Dick From:  2006Sep
Liaise with Vocabulary to support their changes. 
''' Ballot reconciliation form '''
Assigned To:  Tony From:  2006Sep
Disposition does not match text descriptions.
Is this Publishing’s responsibility?  Need to reform a taskforce and get some resources to drive this.
Problem with not being able to make dispositions because not in drop-down list.
''' Realm Publishing Support '''
Assigned To:  Lloyd From:  2007Jan
Investigate adding Realm content to standard ballot cycles if it is in standard format.  Will not support sending full publishing tooling to Realms until tooling is stabilized and documented.  Desktop publishing is available to Realms today.
Develop outline of impact of voting services for Realms. (Pete)
2005/05/25: Pete sent initial draft to Helen/Allie for comment.
2005/06/01: Discussed outstanding questions from Allie.  Canada moving ahead with this but little interest from other internationals so far.
Lloyd to develop detailed design proposal including explanation of the impact on tooling (PubDb, RoseTree, Publishing).  Need a full mockup.  Publishing will not support expansion of the paradigm used by Care Provision in 2006Jan cycle.
How can we declare realm designations?  Scheduled for action by 2007Jan cycle. 
''' Ballot levels and document types '''
Assigned To:  Helen Allie Don  From:  2006Sep
Research, document and obtain consensus on the types of documents (informative/normative/reference etc) and the ballot levels (informative, DSTU, committee, etc…).
May be resolved in P&P. 
Need proper definitions that can be published – check HDF section 5.1.  Don to review processes when ballot requests are submitted to ensure definitions on form match our definitions.
No specific actions yet – Board/PIC/ORC working on new balloting definitions. 
'''Descriptive Diagrams '''
Assigned To:  MVC & Helen From:  2006Sep
Create template in VISIO for diagrams to support descriptive content.  E.g. in FICR overview.
2006JanWGM:  Helen to follow-up with MvC. 
''' UV Realm Identifiers '''
Assigned To:  Woody From:  2006Sep
2005SepWGM:  Add support for Realm identifiers to all artifacts.  Default to UV.
Need tool to automatically update all VISIO files
Change PubDb and DesignRepositories
Verify layout/formatting of diagrams and HTML
Requires new PubDb, DesignRepository.  Woody to schedule in V3 Acceleration plan.
No progress to-date.
Recommend not adding 01 release identifiers in PubDb. 
''' Publishing extracted parts of standard '''
Assigned To:  Woody Helen From:  NE2007
Publishing Extracts - We NEED a "widget" that can extract a single domain and the things it is dependent upon from the collection of files that constitute an "Edition."  With that in hand, then I would provide a way for someone to create and 'publish' the extract.
2006JanWGM: Needed for NE2007. 
''' Official Document Names '''
Assigned To:  Don / Joann From:  2006Sep
Need to represent the official (i.e. ANSI) name in each document.  Also need to represent any historical names that the document has balloted under.
Don to review documents and find errors and notify committees to correct name in PubDb.

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