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HData Template Sub Project

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The goal of this effort is to demonstrate that hData can be used to capture and exchange information in a similar fashion to CDA. Using hData, we will translate a CDA based progress note into an hData Record and then back into a CDA R2 document. The translations should not introduce any data loss and the hData Record Format should not impose any restrictions that would hinder the representation of clinical information.


This project assumes that prior to the Execution Phase, the following artifacts will be available:

  • Templates required for a progress note
  • Example progress note documens

Project Execution Phase

Build an end-to-end CDA CDA R2 progress note using hData

This effort will focus on building an hData Content Profile to represent the progress note. This means that we will devise simple schemas (where element and attribute names match business names) for the content of the progress note. We will also specify the folder structure of the hData Record. Once the content profile has been established, we will hand code the given examples using hData.

Develop template-related services using hData

In this phase, we will create XProc pipelines that will utilize XSLT to translate the CDA R2 based progress note to hData and vice-versa.