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Group FHIR Resource Proposal

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Owning committee name

Will be one of Public Health & Emergency Response or Patient Administration Working Group but up to the completion of the first ballot it is temporarily owned by FHIR Core Team

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

All work groups may have cause to use this resource at some time, but no one group has a special requirement.

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

A group represents a defined collection of entities that may be discussed or acted upon collectively but which are not expected to act collectively and are not formally or legally recognized as such. Members of such a group will be identifiable "things" of some form, for example Patients, Practitioners, Devices, Medicines.

Groups may have a business identifier and as such constitute an entity in their own right outside FHIR(unlike lists which may be of a specific type, but are not identifiable as list instances other than by means of their FHIR URL)

Groups may be defined by criteria for inclusion or by enumeration (unlike lists which can only be enumerated).

Hugh Glover 10:10, 18 June 2013 (UTC) Not sure about scope, definition implies member of group could be any resource, but the group resource definition only explicitly mentions Patient, Practitioner, Device and Medication.

RIM scope

Entity[determinerCode="GRP" or determinerCode="GRP_KIND"]

classCode may be used to further specify the type of resource that the group refers to.

Resource appropriateness

Dealing with collections of objects is a universal concept both in healthcare and in information modelling.

Expected implementations

Most real world implementations will have to use this concept at some point.

Hugh Glover 10:10, 18 June 2013 (UTC): Any offers for a more specific implementation?

Content sources

Hugh Glover 10:10, 18 June 2013 (UTC): Dunno - seems like common sense to me!

Example Scenarios

  1. Associating a group of patients to practitioner
  2. Defining 3 different treatment groups
  3. Listing available devices for use

Resource Relationships

Hugh Glover 10:10, 18 June 2013 (UTC): This is a very generic - any offers for some additional specific uses ...

  1. any resource that has a subject may have reason to refer to a group rather than an individual - document and deviceObservation do this as can medicationPrescription.


Ready for ballot in September 2013

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