Getting involved with the FHIR Community

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what does getting involved mean? That depends on your interests:

  • being informed about events
  • being part of implementation discussions
  • contributing to the design of FHIR itself
  • how to be a leader in the FHIR community.

FHIR Event Information

How to be informed about FHIR events:

Implementation discussions

If you're implementing FHIR, and you want more information, the best place to be is to hang out with us on [FHIR Zulip Chat]. Or, if that's too high volume, you can ask questions on [Stack Overflow] (best), or, if they don't meet Stack Overflow guidelines, on the [FHIR community web] site.

Contributing to the design of FHIR itself

... to do ...

how to be a leader in the FHIR community

... to do ...