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GELLO Class definition

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This is an example of what a GELLO class file would look like

Class AbsoluteTime extends Any
  -- Properties
  display_string: String
  -- Methods
  add(dur: Duration): AbsoluteTime
  difference(time: AbsoluteTime): Duration
  extract_day(): Real
  extract_day_of_week(): String
  extract_hour(): Real
  extract_millisecond(): Real
  extract_minute(): Real
  extract_month(): Real
  extract_second(): Real
  extract_time_zone(): String
  extract_year(): Real
  gt(rhs: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  gte(rhs: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  lt(rhs: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  lte(rhs: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  now(): AbsoluteTime
  subtract(dur: Duration): AbsoluteTime
Class AbsoluteTimeInterval extends Any
  -- Properties
  lower_limit: AbsoluteTime
  upper_limit: AbsoluteTime
  -- Methods
  after(x: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  after(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  before(x: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  before(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  contains(x: AbsoluteTime): Boolean
  contains(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  finishes(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  meets(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  overlaps(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean
  starts(x: AbsoluteTimeInterval): Boolean