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Food Substances Sub Group Project

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  • Produce a list of unique food substances used in allergy & intolerance lists, ordered by frequency of incidence. This list will support the use of common elements for data capture and validation of data exchange. This list is not intended to prevent the recording of unusual substances where necessary, whether by code or text.
  • Provide a set of standard coded identifiers for these substances. The codes for such a list would need to be free, readily available, and accepted for use by international stakeholders.
  • Note that the criterion is clinical use, not chemical specificity. I.e., if all we know is that the patient reports an allergy to "fish," that's what we can record.


  • A list of substances ordered by frequency of incidence, with frequency ratios
  • Identifiers for these substances, using freely available standard identifiers


  • Set up data analysis template - do not include null and negative values.
  • Using template analyze available food data sets from multiple EHR systems
  • Complete analysis templates to produce one data set representing cross-data set frequencies
  • Discuss terminology coding of data sets with larger group


Minutes - 2016/10/26

Minutes - 2016/10/16