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February 11, 2016, Agenda

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Minutes - Universal Device Identifier Implementation Guidance Project Meeting, February 11, 2016


  1. Attendees:
  2. Meeting Discussion:
  3. Action Items:
  4. Next Meeting:


  • Patrick E. Loyd
  • Terrie Reed
  • Behnaz Minaei
  • Ben Moscovittch
  • Stanley Nachimson
  • Martha Velezis
  • Myron Fynseth
  • Steve Rosenberg
  • Durwin Day
  • Laurie Burkheart
  • Mary Kay McDaniel
  • Scott Robertson
  • Beth Pumo

Meeting Discussion:

  • Approve Agenda - Patrick
  • Approve Prior Meeting Minutes - Patrick
Table approval till next week's meeting.  Ensure the announcements when minutes are posted gets sent to the listserv.
  • Review Call for Participation - Patrick

Patrick will send out final call for participation. Afterwards, we'll only use the listserv for project communications

  • Review any use cases received - Martha

Last week prioritized. Added one case from MaryKay

  • Next Steps Planning - Martha


Action Items:

  • Confirm whether or not the PSS has been approved and submitted to the TSC for approval in time for this Ballot Cycle
    • While submitted mid-December, it did not go out for SSD-SD vote until last Friday. Deadline for votes is Feb 8. Then it will go to TSC. It is also in FMG's queue for approval given potential FHIR involvement / impact.
  • Final Call for Participation for UDI Implementation Guidance Project
    • Done.
    • Please sign up.
  • Confirm that the UDI Implementation Guidance Project will be developing 1) UDI DAM and 2) UDI Implementation Guide (to include harmonization across v2, v3, CDA and FHIR)
  • Need to spin off a PSS for the C-CDA to address the individual UDI components (this will be a dependency for IG related work) - Request Paul K. update us on this item
    • Not done yet.
  • Identify and Reference all previously related content on this topic (as a resource), for example materials from the UDI Implementation Guidance Project
    • Available through the PSS.

Are we prioritizing based on regulations

March 22, deadline for publishing in May ballot

Next Meeting: