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Family History-Pedigree Implementation Guide

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This project is focused on addressing the need to provide guidance for developers implementing family history within the clinical and clinical research environments.

Resources informing this effort

1. HL7 v3 Pedigree standard - an abridged version Media:HL7_Clinical_Genomics_Family_History_Standard_-_abridged_version.PDF

2. My Family Health Portrait from the Surgeon General

3. HughesRiskApps for FHH of breast cancer

4. Web services for familial disease risk assessment

5. Continuity of Care Document (CCD)

6. Minimal Core Data Set for Family History

7. ONC Personalized Health Care Use Case

In particular, we are developing a US-Realm Specific Implementation Guide. The latest draft is a available from the HL7 main site at the Clinical Genomics page at [1].