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  • MessageHeader.instant - why not call this "created" or "creationTime", "instant" does not carry meaning of what the instant is capturing.

Section vs. Resource disconnect and requirements for Organizer

CCDA has a number of sections that are essentially rooted in Organizer. The section represents a Collection of things, and thus the text rendering also reflects a collection rather than having separate text for each element in the collection. This rendering might be as a list with items or even as a table. With FHIR, we render resources individually and have not (yet) introduced the idea of Organizers. Introducing Organizers creates a number of issues in terms of ensuring consistency across paradigms.

One possible solution is to allow text to appear any place we allow a collection of resource references. This could either be handled by the tooling or by always referencing a particular construct whenever we reference a collection of resources.

Mapping between CDA Narrative and FHIR text