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relationship between allergyintolerance and adverse reaction

summarized from a question on the list


1) Why the relationship from Allergy/Intolerance to AdverseReaction is "0 ..many"? Shouldn't it be "0..1"? since Allergy/Intolerance is a subset info of AdverseReaction.

2) Any correlation or difference for the "substance" attribute value in these two resources? If they are typically the same, then how to interpretate the meaning if the relationship between them is "many" as stated above?


Allergy/Intolerance is not a subset of AdverseReaction. AdverseReaction captures a single "instance" where a reaction occurred. Allergy/Intolerance is an assertion of propensity to a reaction. The 0..* relationship exists because there may be multiple reaction occurrences that together form the evidence leading to the assertion that a "propensity" exists

The substance wouldn't need to be the same. Though presumably there would need to be some common ingredient or at least ingredients that are sufficiently similar to cause the same sorts of physiological symptoms