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FHIR Workflow Minutes CC 20181210

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FHIR Workflow Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Joe Lamy
  • Craig Newman (joined late)

Minutes Approval

Craig joins

Next steps

  • ExampleScenario
    • Incorporation into publication tooling
      • Need to help PlantUML developer get their library into Maven
      • Can we use XSLT 2 for this?
    • Verify that authoring tool works
    • Figure out how to make example instance authoring less painful - e.g. example templates
      • Can we leverage any open source tooling options?
      • Can we integrate with ClinFHIR
    • Express all of our lab work as proper ExampleScenarios
    • More examples
    • Get work groups to start creating them
  • Define how PlanDefinition is used to define workflows for conformance purposes
    • Examples
  • Add more guidance on how to do certain workflow processes
    • replacing part of an order
  • Workflow patterns
    • Move pattern checking into the build process
    • Review pattern "exceptions" and confirm they are appropriate


  • Lloyd will talk to Josh about how to help with this
  • Lloyd will talk to Grahame about when is a good timeframe to move workflow alignment into main build
  • Will evaluate in early Jan. whether we want to hold the workflow session this round
  • Jose will try to get an example Task.code code system & value set defined for inclusion in R4
  • Lloyd will cancel remaining workflow calls for the year