FHIR Web Server Hosting Record

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This page keeps a record of all changes to the web site http://hl7.org/fhir. Any changes to the content of the web site source content must be logged here.

Note that changes to the http://hl7.org/fhir web site should be staged on the HL7 testing server prior to moving to production.

Change History

In reverse chronological order. For each change, Date, Name, Reason, Scope of changes

  • not done yet, : Technical Correction for DSTU2 - see task list for DSTU2 Technical Correction 1
  • 2015-10-16, Grahame Grieve, Maintenance re-upload all past versions with link superceded notice and link to current page
  • 2015-09-21, Grahame Grieve, DSTU2 final, upload version v1.0.1-7115 to / and update all the other directories for new current version
  • 2015-04-23, Grahame Grieve, DSTU2 ballot, update fhir-spec.zip since existing one was corrupt
  • 2015-04-03, Grahame Grieve, DSTU2 ballot, Update Master Directory
  • 2015-04-02, Grahame Grieve, DSTU2 ballot, Upload version (v0.5.0-5146) (repeat after discovering issue with patient examples)
  • 2015-04-02, Grahame Grieve, DSTU2 ballot, Upload version (v0.5.0-5146) (one manual change: edit the location of the directory file)
  • 2015-04-02, Grahame Grieve, decommission fhir-develop, Replace with a reference to the FHIR directory
  • 2015-04-02, Grahame Grieve, Update index.html, Fix root FHIR spec reference to FHIR directory in the wrong place
  • 2015-04-02, Tamara Kamara, Initial Upload, Copy files from staging server to set up new hosting arrangement

note: prior to the commencement of this system, there was 2 contents: /fhir which held DSTU1 in the old hosting arrangement, and /fhir-develop, which held DSTU2 Draft for comment 1.