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What tools are available / recommended to support FHIR development & implementation?

The [FHIR specification itself includes] several tools - schema, xref-faq-46 validation services, and reference platforms that implement the specification for various common development platforms. These tools are provided for implementer convenience, but there is not requirement to use them; other platforms can be used.

This list summarizes tools that are commonly used in the FHIR development team, and by attendees at the past connectathons:

FHIR Specific Tools

see also * Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing

Programming Libraries

  • [[1]] has a Java implementation of the FHIR specification
  • [[2]] .NET implementation of the FHIR specification
  • Smart on FHIR...
  • [TypeScript declarations] for FHIR Release 3 (STU) JSON format

FHIR Registry

  • [Simplifier.net] A registry containing all public profiles (StructureDefinition, ValueSet, Conformances)

XML Tools

REST Development Tools