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FHIR Skype Chat

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Note that the skype chats are now deprecated in favour of a chat based tool:

There are several Skype group chats used by the FHIR community. If you're not familiar, a Skype group chat is basically a Skype instant message discussion between a group of people. This is similar to an IRC channel with the following differences:

  • In order to join a group chat, you must be added by an existing participant of the chat
  • When you logout and log back in to Skype, the Skype client will show you all discussions -- even those that were done while you were offline.


The conversation logs of the Skype chat groups are archived here. Both HTML, ATOM, and JSON feeds are available.

FHIR Skype Group Chats


This group consists of individuals implementing FHIR or interested in the development of FHIR. To join this group, please skype David Hay (david.hay25) or email David Hay with your Skype username (skype is better). Access is open to anyone interested in participating in discussions.

Note that in order to be given access to the group chat, your Skype privacy settings must be set to allow for any user to message you. Once you have been granted access, the FHIR Implementers group chat will appear in your Skype recent history.



This group consists of FHIR committers.


Governance Board

This group is for those on the FHIR Governance Board.


Management Group

This group is for those on the FHIR Management Group.


Muting Skype Chats

A common pattern for people who join the implementer's Skype chat is that a topic will spawn that causes several hundred posts to flow over the course of a few days (or even a few hours) and several people on the chat will depart.

Please note that you can "mute" a Skype chat without disconnecting from it, which allows you to catch up at your leisure and still post when you wish. (If you just want to monitor the chat without ever posting, the RSS feed may be all you need.)

If you want to mute a conversation, select the desired conversation and on the menu select "Conversation", then "Notification settings". If you select "Do not notify me", then Skype won't chime when new messages come in, there will be no alert and the count of waiting messages will be partly greyed out. This makes the thread much less distracting.