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== Working Document ==
== Working Document ==
[[File:HL7_International_Repository_ Governance_Process_and_Requirements_August_2017_V4.02.docx"]]

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Working Document

File:HL7 International Repository Governance Process and Requirements August 2017"

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Project Information

Link to Project 1058 - FHIR Repository Process and Requirements, Phase 1 in the HL7 Project Insight Searchable Database

  • Brief description of project:The FHIR specification, community development process, and supporting tooling are starting to reach maturity. As the FHIR specification approaches its third STU Publication, we need to ensure clarity about how the development of standards and stable implementation guides will occur, especially in the US realm. This phase 1 project is intended to addresses the need to design and implement a policy that creates confidence and direction around pilots and productions in the areas of specification development, maintenance and adoption. This project will address the requirements and implementation steps to ensure we address the following needs: - Specification Development Process - identify how specifications - either of or in the US realm - are developed, and how requirements divergence between them are resolved, along with a governance process which provides quality, predictability and consistent management of the specification artifacts. - A Specification Publication Process - identify how and where specifications are published - both the final rendered form, and the technical resources that support them - FHIR Repository Management Process - identify how HL7 manages the life cycle, access control, and approval process for the technical resources associated with implementation guides in the US realm along with a repository for extensions, profiles, Implementation Guide and value sets (including a list of functional requirements of the repository) - FHIR Specification Maturity Process - identify how specifications migrate through a maturity process from initial draft to a final (normative?) form, and how this relates to the above processes. - Standard specification for submission of extension, profiles and value sets to a FHIR repository. - FHIR Repository version process. Address the requirements to create versions of extension, value sets and profiles that are 'published' to the repository. Requirements may vary by maturity level. - A US Regulatory Process - clarify how all these processes above inter-relate to US regulatory requirements. - A Governance process which the tooling and processes should support with quality, user-friendly, predictability and consistent management of the repository. - NOTE: The actual validation and repository tools are out of scope, this PSS is about the HL7 process for the use of and business requirements for validation and repository of FHIR resources, extensions, profiles & IGs. - The balloted templates repository requirements document will be reviewed.

Sponsor: FHIR Management Group (FMG)


  • Attachments Work Group
  • Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group
  • Electronic Health Records Work Group
  • Electronic Services and Tools Work Group
  • FHIR Governance Board
  • Modeling and Methodology Work Group
  • Templates Work Group
  • Vocabulary Work Group


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