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FHIR Product Director Page

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The FHIR Product Director is presently Grahame Grieve. This page gathers together the documentation relating to the Product Director role.


The role of the FHIR Product Director is:

  • Liaise with all parts of the FHIR community (including committees, HL7 management, stakeholders, members) to ensure continued development of FHIR product and community
  • Work with existing management and governance structures to build FHIR product and community
  • Work with TSC to formalize the role and develop a job description
  • Run the FHIR balloting and publishing process, and ensure business continuity around these arrangements (including documenting FHIR processes and procedures)
  • Work with HL7 and the FHIR community to create the FHIR Foundation (
  • Produce a monthly report documenting FHIR Product Director activities, issues and concerns

FHIR Product Director Position Description

Product Manager Documentation

Conflict of Interest Statement

While I am FHIR product director, I also consult on a commercial basis with various implementation programs. This is useful because it keeps me intimately aware of implementation and adoption issues, but it also raises conflict of issue questions.

My policy with regard to conflict of interest and industry engagement is:

  • As FHIR product director, I will meet with any implementation organization that has questions, comments or contributions about the FHIR specification or community
  • I will meet such organizations under an NDA if required, as long as the NDA only concerns details about the other organization. I will not enter into any NDA regarding information sourced from the FHIR community
  • If am engaged commercially with an organization, I will declare the nature of the engagement in the list below. The specifics of the engagement may be covered under NDA, but the fact of the engagement, and the summary of intent cannot be under NDA

Current Commercial Engagements

Main roles:

  • HL7 FHIR product directer - management responsibilities and community communications
  • US ONC: general support for publishing FHIR Release 4 and bulk data implementation

Low % engagements:

  • Asian Development Bank: assist building a FHIR community across Asia
  • Apple: Assisting with understanding and implementation of Healthcare Interoperability Specifications
  • Intermountain / HSPC: Provide support and tools to help HSPC use FHIR effectively
  • Kestral Computing: Support legacy code base & products, and provide strategic advice
  • RCPA QAP (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Programs): General informatics & modelling advice for business processes
  • Inpriva: Provide general advice around using FHIR effectively