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{{FHIR Discussion Page}}
{{FHIR Discussion Page}}
Appointed by TSC in [http://hl7tsc.org/wiki/index.php?title=2013-09-22_TSC_WGM_Agenda Sept. 2013], consists of
Appointed by TSC in [http://hl7tsc.org/wiki/index.php?title=2012-10-29_TSC_Call_Agenda October 2012],as of Sept. 23, 2013 [http://hl7tsc.org/wiki/index.php?title=2013-09-22_TSC_WGM_Agenda Sept. 2013] consists of
*Lorraine Constable
*Lorraine Constable

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Appointed by TSC in October 2012,as of Sept. 23, 2013 Sept. 2013 consists of

  • Lorraine Constable
  • Paul Knapp
  • Josh Mandel
  • Hugh Glover
  • David Hay
  • John Moehrke
  • Brian Pech
  • MnM co-chair (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • FGB chair (Ron Parker)- ex officio,
  • CTO John Quinn - ex officio

FMG Information

Meeting Information

2013 2013 2012

T2 (May-Sep) T1 (Jan-May) T3 (Sep-Jan)
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  • The FMG has been named by recommendation of the FGB and endorsement by the TSC

Issues/Hot Topics