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==Wednesday Q1==
==Wednesday Q1==
Chair: Josh Mandel
Scribe: Michael Donnelly / Josh Mandel
==Wednesday Q2==
==Wednesday Q2==

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FHIR Infrastructure 2018 September Baltimore WGM Minutes

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Monday Q3

Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Scribe: Ron Shapiro

Tracker Items

  • general overview of the FHIR Infrastructure WG and WGM Meetings
  • [18671] - Persuasive w/ Mod
  • [17638] - Persuasive w/ Mod
  • [17892] - Not Related

Monday Q6 (Reference Implementations)

Chair: Scribe:

Tuesday Q4

Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Scribe: Ron Shapiro

Tracker Items

  • [18673] - Persuasive with Mod
  • [18793] - Persuasive
  • [18791] - Persuasive
  • [18277] - Persuasive with Mod
  • [17915] - Not Persuasive (already fixed)
  • [17906] - Persuasive with Mod
  • [18278] - Not Persuasive
  • [18418] - Persuasive
  • [18284] - Persuasive
  • [18138] - Persuasive
  • [17723] - Persuasive
  • [17725] - Not Persuasive with Mod

Wednesday Q1

Chair: Josh Mandel Scribe: Michael Donnelly / Josh Mandel

Wednesday Q2

Chair: Scribe:

Wednesday Q4

Chair: Scribe:

Thursday Q2

Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Scribe: Rick Geimer

Tracker 18335: Inheritance from DomainResource isn't clear in renderings - N-Infra #8

Tracker 17791: Invalid UCUM expressions in FHIR UCUM Valueset

Tracker 17831: Add a new definition of how OPTIONS requests should be handled

Thursday Q3

Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Scribe: Lloyd McKenzie

SMART Publication Request

  • Reviewed SMART ballot publication request
  • Motion to approve publication request: Grahame/Josh
  • Concern expressed by Isaac about the "readiness"/level of experience with the open-id connect portion for single sign-on
  • Discussion about nature of concern and how best to address
  • Decision to table to call on Monday

Adding "reported" to Request.intent

  • Specifically, [GF#17169]
  • Lloyd provided a background on the issue
  • Jenni clarified that base issue was not "source of truth" but need to indicate that a record was 'reported'
  • Concern that tags might be easily changed by man-in-the-middle
  • Confirmation from Grahame that tags can contain critical business information, examples of "actionable" tag, security-related tags
  • Discussion about whether a "reported" flag would be a "modifier element". Answer: no, because it doesn't change the definition of the element
    • Should include a meaning if missing for number of refills indicating that it's unknown - and thus dispensers can't presume to dispense more than a single fill
  • Discussion of whether there's a difference between a "reported" resource - one that comes into being explicitly known as distinct from source of truth vs. "copies" which are clones of the source of truth.
  • Lloyd indicated that he'd be comfortable with introducing a "reported" flag that could apply to most resources - orthogonal to Request.intent
  • Pharmacy will discuss further.