FHIR Infrastructure Minutes WGM 201805

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FHIR Infrastructure 2018 May Cologne WGM Minutes

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A comprehensive list for the WGM can be seen here: (TODO: extract from http://bit.ly/fhiri after WGM).

Monday Q1

Chair: Ewout Kramer

Attendance sheet: http://bit.ly/fhiri (to be turned into a PDF after meeting)

Tracker Items

Prepared MOTION for wed may 16 Q2: "Document the MIME-type parameter as a way to describe the version of the resource in the MIME package. Grahame Grieve/Chris Grenz: 37-0-0"

Straw poll about using "Meta.fhirVersion" versus using "Meta.profile": 8 in favor of "fhirVersion", about 18 for a <profile> based approach.

Below is the example we discussed:

  Content-type: application/fhir+xml;fhirVersion=3.0
   <Patient fhir-version="3.0" xmlns="hl7.org/fhir">
       <profile value="http://hl7.org/fhir/DSTU2/StructureDefinition/Patient" />
       <profile value="http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/Patient|1.0" /> 
       <!-- assuming no breaking change to patient in 4.0....  --> 
       <profile value="http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/Patient|4.0" />
       <profile value="http://hl7.nz/fhir/StructureDefinition/OurNationalPatient|1.2.1" /> 
       <fhirVersion value="3.0" />
     <!-- more interesting stuff about patient-->
   "resourceType" : "Patient",
   "fhir-version" : "3.0",

Monday Q2

Chair: Ewout Kramer

Attendance sheet: http://bit.ly/fhiri (to be turned into a PDF after meeting)

Tracker Items

  • 16957 - Discussed whether GET and POST support should both be required on search
  • 16369 - Discussed semantics of "significant figure"-based equality operations when searching for decimal, integer, and quantity values
  • 14961 - Missing naming convention for search parameters assembling two or more words

Mon Q4

Chair: Lloyd Scribe: Lloyd

  • Lloyd provided an overview of the workflow project
  • Lorraine indicated that OO is starting up a project to map a number of their lab specifications and workflows to FHIR. Wondering if FHIR-I would like to co-sponsor, particularly from a workflow review/alignment perspective. ** Will discuss during Thur Q2 joint. Lloyd will give Grahame a heads-up
  • II noticed in workflow alignment that there wasn't necessarily a good match for existing codes for status
    • reviewed current codes for Imaging??? and agreed they seem reasonable and are mapable to workflow states
  • Discussed external records - i.e. records that are captured as secondary information that are not considered a source-of-truth
    • Explored the notion of a tag saying "not actionable", but this isn't really about actionability
    • This might be handled as a tag saying "authoritative"
  • Jose provided a walkthrough of the ExampleScenario resource and editor

Tue Q3

Scribe: Lloyd Chair: Lloyd for first item, Grahame for remainder

Tracker Items

Lloyd chairs

  • [16055] - Drop ElementDefinition.binding.valueSetUri
    • Persuasive

Grahame chairs

  • [15879] - Allow canonical to support display
    • Persusasive w/ mod

Grahame leaves Oliver leaves

  • [13870] - Allow narrative in contained resources
  • Persuasive w/ Mod

Tue Q4

Scribe: Josh Chair: Ewout

Tracker Items

# Discussion begins at 1342

  • Attendance at http://bit.ly/fhiri
  • Discuss GF#16331 -- process for choosing a canonical URL. Persuasive with mod.
  • Discuss GF#16333. Persuasive.
  • Discuss GF#17185. Logical models, and the term "logical models", and codes for StructureDefinition.kind. Persuasive.