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FHIR Infrastructure Minutes WGM 201709

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FHIR Infrastructure 2017 Sept San Diego WGM Minutes

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Attendance sheet:


Mon Q3 - FHIR Core

Chair: Ewout Kramer Scribe: Lloyd McKenzie


Ewout Provided a quick overview of the work group, how we meet and the agenda for the week

Tracker Items:

  • 13561 OperationDefinition.parameter is largely redundant with ElementDefinition - Persuasive w/ Mod
  • 13376 Settle on a single markdown specification - will solicit feedback on adopting Github markdown spec

Adjourned at 3:07pm

Mon Q4 - FHIR Workflow

Chair: Lloyd McKenzie Scribe: Lloyd McKenzie


Lloyd provided an overview of the workflow spec, introducing the ideas of workflow patterns and workflow interoperability architectures and briefly described the work that has happened to date.

Pattern changes

Lloyd shared a [[ |presentation]] showing the changes that are being applied to the Event, Request and Definition patterns. The group discussed the difference between "function" codes and "role" codes. There may be a need for function codes in some resources - particularly Procedure. Such resources will be able to still use a nested structure if they need to.

There was discussion of the proposed change to add insurance information to Request. Paul and Lloyd will discuss further before bringing it to the work group for a vote


Lloyd provided an overview of the WorkflowExample resource and its purpose and how it would be rendered.

Question about whether the resource could be used to simply show evolution of a resource over time. At the moment, the resource requires identifying sender and receiver

Discussion about changing name of resource. Straw poll conducted. Strong preference for ExampleScenario instead of WorkflowExample as it encompasses the broader scope of the resource

Change Requests

Reviewed 11217 11217. Discussion about the difference between orders and prescriptions/authorizations. Also discussion about whether DeviceRequest could be exteneded to incorporate VisionPrescription


  • OO will consider changing the "order" intent code (and specializations) to use "authorization" in their names instead. (The actual ordering is a request for fulfillment which is separate from the Request resource.)
  • Lloyd will try modeling the Vision resources using an adjusted version of DeviceRequest
  • The request resource will be updated to have language about an authorization that defines characteristics of what's wanted vs. an authorization that fully describes what's needed

Adjornment 5:04

Tue Q2

Chair: ??? Scribe: ???

Thur Q2

Chair: ??? Scribe: ???

Thur Q3

Chair: ??? Scribe: ???