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FHIR Infrastructure Minutes WGM 201605

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FHIR Infrastructure Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Mon Q1 - FHIR Tracker items
  • Mon Q2 - FHIR Tracker items
  • Mon Q3 - FHIR Workflow
  • Mon Q4 - FHIR Workflow


See File:FHIR-I Attendees 20160509.pdf

  • Chair/Scribe for Q1/Q2: Ewout
  • Chair/Scribe for Q3/Q4: Lloyd

Mon Q1/Q2

  • 9864
  • Discussion of use case for reverse chaining queries; syntax; and our process for adding new features to the search API. Decision: some server developers will try this out, seek input from client developers, and see what the experience shows.
  • 9814
  • 9168
  • 9965
  • 9108
  • 9801

Mon Q3/Q4

  • Discussion:
    • Keith: Rename "category" to "stage" when we're talking about requests
    • Why are we combining proposal/plan/order?
    • Not thrilled with xxxRequest as a name when it's not actually the request, it's the authorization
      • Can't call it xxxAuthorization because plans and proposals aren't really authorizations. Open to a better name, but haven't come up with one. Feel free to suggest
    • Why do we need a tag?
      • Tags are needed to distinguish from request instances that are there as supporting information, background, no-longer actionable from those that are actionable?
    • Why not tag the ones that aren't actionable?
      • The safest thing is for instances to be non-actionable. Lots of instances will be passed around, situation where they need to be actionable is limited.
    • Will the simple "tag-based" approach be considered as valid as using Task?
      • Yes. All 4 mechanisms are valid
    • Will we define standard operations and messages for doing this?
      • Maybe - we haven't really looked at those yet
    • We will need lots of examples
      • Yes we will. Supplying use-cases and assisting would be appreciated
    • Why is reason 0..1 instead of 0..*?
      • Could increase. Most existing models use 0..1 - what's 80% for your resource?
    • "failed" isn't an ideal status name. Perhaps "aborted"?
    • Need to capture reason for statuses other than failure
    • Where are things with combining Protocol & Orderset?
      • CDS is evaluating it. Lloyd & Bryn think it's a good idea

Worked through slides 5-7 and, after discussion, had no objections other than the ones discussed/addressed above.


Wed Q1


  • Rob McClure
  • Peter Jordan
  • Dan Vreeman
  • Tim Blake
  • Mark Shafarman
  • Birtel Ripper
  • Andrew MacClean
  • Sandy Stuart
  • Susan Barber
  • Heather Grain
  • Carmela Couderc
  • Rob Hausam
  • Jon Zammit
  • Michael Lawley
  • Linda Bird
  • Yunwei Wong
  • Greg Gustafson
  • Russ Hamm
  • Ted Klein
  • Oyvind Passie
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Grahame Grieve
  • Mark Kramer
  • Daniel Karlsson
  • Dennis Patterson
  • Brian Wright
  • Harold Solbrig

Motion: Define these code system properties for code systems General - inactive : true (default = false) - deprecated : date (can populate for v2 and v3) HL7 code systems (url) - notSelectable : true (default = false)

Define a FHIR code sytem for this and use the code system URL in the property identifiers, and update all the generation code accordingly

Moved Lloyd Mckenzie / Rob Hausam - 26 / 0/ 3

vesrion of Snomed CT - enforce that international value sets only refer directly to core concepts or editions - ensure that expansions in international version are core only, or are labelled as to which version they come from - mark all US specific value sets with US realm edition URI and make license explicit - HTA to procure appropriate license for US specific IGs that we already publish. (And work with AU to clarify status) - if this is not executed prior to STU 3, include discussion of what is in progress

Motion : Rob Hausam / Harold Solbrig : 28-0-1

- process for migrating / managing fhir terminologies - should they still go to v3? - propose alternative review process

Lloyd, Rob H, Ted, Grahame to design a variant form for harmonization for July and we exercise this on several FHIR code systems. FMG to choose. Lessons learned forward to TQA for further progression

Motion: Rob Hausam / Lloyd Mckenzie : 27-0-0