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FHIR Infrastructure Minutes CC 20190114WGMQ4

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FHIR Infrastructure WGM Monday Q4 (Date above)

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  • Questions
  • Alignment with workflow patterns
  • Community interest in exercising workflow patterns
  • Example Instances


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Minutes approval

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Agenda Items

FHIR-I Monday Q4 Notes:

Question about maturity/stability of workflow artifacts: "No maturity levels on artifacts since not directly implemented but they do influence/change resources." patterns right at about FMM level 4 in stability

Brief history of workflow project ( Patterns, state machines, Guidance pages, Task Resource ) ...

Question about MessageHeader valuesets: "Messaging is confined to small set of trading partners but no impetus for standarding yet..."

Issue with ImagingStudy:

  • Dicom imaging study can be created over time and even several encounters and does not map the 'event' pattern. Is it close enough?
  • to be discussed in quarter with II.

Question about Task workflow state machine: Task is in rejected state still can be cancelled. Can create a gforge request to clarify

Tasks for R5 cycle:

  1. Review alignment with workflow patterns.
     a. Plan to incorporate new qa functionality into build tooling to generate warning/errors if not mapped correctly to patterns
  1. Implement ExampleScenario Resource ( draft resource ) designed to provide set of example instance that follow a workflow pattern.
    1. seeking partner to implement in real world scenario/use case -( no interest expressed in room).
  2. Task Resource owned by OO and goal is to make it FMM3-FMM4
    1. discuss Task issues on workflow calls - Monday 2PM Eastern (Orders and Observation make use call to dispose of trackers)
  3. Creation of multiple example instances for each resources

Workflow Connectathon: Question of Interest and no current plan Task is showing up in various implementation such as DaVinci CRD.

Workflow project scope on how messaging occurs within a particular pattern.