FHIR Infrastructure Minutes CC 20190114WGMQ1

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FHIR Infrastructure WGM Quarter 1 (Date above)

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  • FHIR-I R4 plans
  • Tracker items


  • Ewout Kramer (chair)
  • Akhil Sharma Epic asharma@epic.com
  • Andrew Gordon Wolters Kluwer Andrew.Gordon@WoltersKluwer.com
  • Bertil Reppen Apertura bertil@apertura.no
  • Brian Pech Kaiser brian.pech@kp.org
  • Brian Wright Mayo Clinic wright.brian@mayo.edu
  • Charles Ye Fast River Technolgies charles.ye@fastrivertech.com
  • Danielle Friend Epic dfriend@epic.com
  • Dave Shaver Corepoint Health dave.shaver@corepointhealth.com
  • David Pyke Ready Computing david.pyke@readycomputing.com
  • Dennis Patterson Cerner dennis.patterson@cerner.com
  • Egger Oliver ahdis/HL7 Switzerland oliver.egger@ahdis.ch
  • Elliot Silver Change Healthcare elliot.silver@changehealthcare.com
  • Eric Haas Health eData ehaas@healthedatainc.com
  • Irina Connelly Georgia Tech irina.connelly@gtri.gatech.edu
  • James Agnew Smile CDR jamesagnew@gmail.com
  • Jason Holmgren CPSI jason.holmgren@cpsi.com
  • Joel Francis Canada Health Infoway jfrancis@infoway-inforoute.ca
  • John Moehrke By Light johnMoehrke@gmail.com
  • Johnathan Coleman
  • Josh Mandel SMART Health IT joshua.mandel@childrens.harvard.edu
  • Lloyd McKenzie Gevity lmckenzie@gevityinc.com
  • Lynne VanArsdale Humans of HealthCare lynne@humansofhealthcare.org
  • Mamata Thakkar Allscripts mamata.thakkar@allscripts.com
  • Marcelo caldas Northrop Grumman Marcelo.caldas@ngc.com
  • Matt Blackmon The Sequoia Project mblackmon@sequoiaproject.org
  • May Terry MITRE mayT@mitre.org
  • Michael Donnelly Epic michael.donnelly@epic.com
  • Raj Muthukkannan Wolter Kluwer Health raj.muthukkannan@wotlerskluwer.com
  • Reinhard Egelkraut HL7 Austria/CGM reinhard.egelkraut@cgm.com
  • Richard Ettema AEGIS.net, Inc. richard.ettema@aegis.net
  • Roeland Luykx HL7 Switzerland roeland.luykx@arpage.ch
  • Ron Shapiro Qvera ron@qvera.com
  • Sameer Malhotra Weill Cornell Medicine sam2032@med.cornell.edu
  • Yunwei Wang IMO ywang@imo-online.com

FHIR-I R5 plans

Discussion on the desired FMM levels:

Basic - hope to go to 2, maybe 3 CompartmentDefinition - just turn this into narrative pages describing the compartments => extension on StructureDefinition? ExampleScenario - 1 or 2 GraphDefinition/GraphQL - explore its use, look at increased support and implementation, connectathon tracks? Group - move to PA List - 3 or 4 ImplementationGuide - LM: normative candidate, EH/EK: 3-4? NamingSystem - start producing them in the spec. 3/4 Questionnaire/QuestionnaireResponse - Normative? SearchParameter - normative? StructureMap - use is picking up. 3-4? Subscription - search-based subscription is being used, but more experience is needed for "event" based subscriptions. Maybe split in separate resources for the different paradigms, so we can move the search based one to a more mature level? TestScript - to 3? Used in testing systems (just a few) and also for reading tests provided with an IG. TestReport - not much use yet.

Subsystems and technologies we will work on _filter - HAPI will include this - FhirCast CDS Hooks - web messaging Bulk Data - will be integrated in the spec (FHIR-I/security) Compositions with GraphQL/GraphDefinition Async capabilities - ready to go, implemented and tested. FMM 3/4? Digital Signatures CapabilityStatement - split up into multiple? Subscription -> extend for "event" based, move to 5?

Tracker items