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FHIR Infrastructure Minutes CC 20180723

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Mote: the original minutes were lost due to browser failure. These are rebuilt from memory as bast as possible

Grahame Grieve (chair / scribe) Lloyd Mckenzie Josh Mandel Reed Gelzer Ioana Signoranu Richard Ettema Rob Hausam Yunwei Wang Michael Donnelly



Motion: FHIR-I finds that none of the harmonization proposals are in FHIR-I sphere of interest, and FHIR-I will ne be present at harmonization (Lloyd Mckenzie / Rob Hausam: 11-0-0)

Revisiting Patient Hold Task

Discusssion on this previously disposed task from VA:

  • At least some of the requirements are clear, but it could be expressed better, and the full scope of the problem isn't yet described and agreed
  • the existing specification provides facilities, options and extension points to do some implementation, but standardization would be useful
  • VA to propose a connectathon trak to flesh out the issues with a view to bringing the content into R5

terminology urls

Discussion of which URLs to change to use instead of

Motion: Will reassign any code system URLs that appear in the instances and any value sets that refer to them to, but leave all other arrangements in place at the moment.


Adjourned at 5pm eastern