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FHIR Implementation Guide Authoring

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Execute the following steps to create an IG

Install the Build Tools

Setting up the Build Proposed new FHIR IG build Process

Adding an Implementation Guide to the Build

  1. Assign an identifier to the IG (e.g., gao)
  2. Add a folder to the guides folder with that identifier
  3. Add the guide as gao.xml to that folder
  4. Add its overview html page as gao.html to that folder
  5. Add a new line to source\igs.xml in the form:
 <ig code="gao" name="Guideline Appropriate Ordering" brief="GAO" source="\guides\gao\gao.xml" committeereview="0" committee="cds" ballot="draft" fmm="0" 

Where code is the identifier you created above

Dealing with Resource Locations in Forge

If you used Forge to create the IG, when you save it, the build will NOT know where to find your files. In the XML file, you will need to change:

       <reference value="" />

To look like:

     <sourceUri value="gao-order.xml" />

If your resource profile is in guides\gao\gao-order.xml, Or:

     <sourceUri value="StructureDefinition/gao-order.xml" />

If your resource profile is in guides\StructureDefinition\gao-order.xml

Having made this change, you can no longer edit your IG in Forge, and will have to switch it back. An XSLT is available File:Switcheroo.txt to go back and forth between these two formats. A newer version of Forge will eventually support sourceUri correctly.

Cheating the build

Comment out the other IGs in your local copy of igs.xml and you won't have to build them. Eventually the build tools will support building a guide.