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FHIR IG Profile for package.json

All FHIR Implementation Guides include a file package.json which links the FHIR packages into the NPM package management system.

npm assumes unique package names.... we have no framework for that....?

Rules for package.json:

  • Names always have a scope.
  • Scope is "fhir"
  • names for all IGs published by HL7 and FHIR (and also IHE) are issued by the FHIR Product Director
    • name will be based on ImplementationGuide.url for uniqueness reasons, but will be simpler
  • version must be populated, and must match the ImplementationGuide.version field
  • description should include ImplementationGuide.title and ImplementationGuide.description
  • license is required
  • recommend to fill out homepage, bugs, author (matching, repository
  • files should include validation.pack.
    • todo: what other files...?
  • dependencies:
    • must include at least the base FHIR spec ("fhir") with version
    • must include names and versions for all IG dependencies