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FHIR Connectathon 2

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This page describes the FHIR connectathon that will be held in the afternoon of Saturday Jan 12 and the morning of Sunday Jan 13 2013 in Phoenix (see


XDS on Fire!

This connectathon is organised around the Xds-related suite of resources - XdsEntry(2), Person, Patient, XdsFolder. The purpose of this is two-fold: to test the suitability of the existing design for implementing XDS registries/repositories prior to IHE considering the resources, and because testing this functionality provides the coverage of the underlying issues that the FHIR project wished to see tested: general RESTful testing, pub/sub, batches, patient linking, and conformance statement/profiles

Registered Participants

  • Health Intersections / Grahame Grieve. Actors: Document Repository, Document Registry, Xds Bridge, Patient demographics feed
  • Orion Health / David Hay. Actors: Document Provider, Document Consumer, Document Repository, Document Registry


  • Document Repository
    • this actor provides server support for patient, person, XdsEntry, XdsFolder resources + Binary resources. For a bonus, XdsEntry2 should also be supported
  • Document Registry
    • this actor subscribes to one or more repositories using atom feeds for patient/person/XdsEntry/XdsFolder + bonus: XdsEntry2
  • Patient demographics feed
    • This actor generates creates/updates/link/unlink for patient and person information (default for this, person and patient example resources from the specification)
  • Document provider
    • This actor pushes documents to a repository and/or a registry (for the purposes of the connectathon, the registry ignores binaries)
  • XDS Bridge
    • This is a document provider that functions by accepting XDS.b submission sets, and converting them to FHIR batches
  • Patient Consumer
    • this actor uses the patient/person information in a document registry to provide patient search/context
  • Document Consumer
    • this actor extends Patient Consumer to search, retrieve and display patient-related documents


Register a patient

  • Action: (Patient Demographics feed) creates or updates patient and person to (Document Registry)
  • Precondition: Patient/Person does or does not exist on Document Registry (both conditions)
  • Success Criteria: Patient/Person updated correctly on server (use browser to inspect person and patient)
  • Bonus #1: testing for patient linking/unlinking

Submit a document

  • Action: (Document Provider) creates or updates documents to (Document Repository)
  • Precondition: Document Does not exist on document repository
  • Precondition: Patient/Person already exists on registry
  • Success criteria: document updated correctly on server (use browser to inspect) (check folders as well)
  • bonus: use XdsEntry2

Find a patient

  • Action: (Patient Consumer) searches and finds patient record on (Document Registry). Search by name, gender, date of birth
  • Success Criteria: patients can be found an displayed

Find a document =

  • Action: (Document Consumer) searches and finds documents on (Document Repository) or (Document Registry). Search by code, type, author, folder
  • Action: (Document Consumer) retrieves document
  • Success Criteria: documents can be found, retrieved, an displayed

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