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FHIR Clinical Connectathon Initiative

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Background and Objectives

In 2003, a set of FHIR clinical resources were developed by the FHIR team with some inputs from the Patient Care WG members

Unfortunately, PCWG members and leadership team were fully consumed by a number of PCWG projects and did not have sufficient time to provide adequate inputs that can do the clinical resources justice

Consequently, extensive debates had taken place during and after the first FHIR DSTU ballot. There are obvious harmonization issues between the technical and clinical view points/perspectives

In addition to the commitments by both the FHIR team and PCWG members to review and enhance/improve the FHIR DSTU1 Clinical Resources, it is agreed that better clinical engagements are highly desirable and beneficial to progressing the FHIR clinical resources toward DSTU2

At the May 2014 (Phoenix) WGM, the FHIR team approached PCWG leadership team to discuss the idea of a clinical connectathon. It was emphasized that this would be very different from the technical connectathon in which the participants focus solely on the technical aspect of interoperability. The clinical connectathon will be focused on clinical interoperability

In essence, the clinical connectathon has these key objectives:

- to test the accuracy, validity and usability of clinical resources
- to identify any issues arising from clinical use of clinical resources tested
- to provide recommendations to enhance/improve the clinical resources tested
- to identify lessons learnt such that future FHIR resources development methodology and processes may be improved

Owning Committee/Workgroup

Patient Care


September 2014 WGM (Chicago) Clinical Connectathon

Clinical Scenarios

  • Drafts:

  • Approved for Connectathon:

January 2015 WGM (San Antonio) Clinical Connectathon