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FHIR Agenda 201805 WGM

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This is a preliminary list of known FHIR-related sessions happening at the May 2018 Cologne WGM. A more complete list will be posted at the start of the meeting

This is the "official" list and is more up-to-date than the on-site guide, so please consider this your primary source for FHIR-related information. If you're aware of other FHIR-related activities happening or planned schedules change through-out the week, *please* update this list. Also, feel free to fill in more detailed agenda topics.

Note that some quarters are completely dedicated to FHIR. Others may only deal with FHIR for part of the session or briefly. Non-dedicated sessions (where known) are included in italics.

For those new to HL7, Quarters are as follows: Q0=breakfast, Q1=9-10:30, Q2=11:00-12:30, lunch=12:30-1:45, Q3=1:45-3:00, Q4=3:30-5, Q5=dinner time (5:15-7ish), Q6=after dinner until 8:30-9, Q7=late night discussions until everyone crashes

To keep this page easy to use, meetings on days that have already occurred are "commented out". (You can see them by editing or viewing history)

Most FHIR sessions are occurring as part of regular committee work, though some are FHIR-only ("FHIR Infrastructure"). You can find a list of #Work Group Abbreviations at the bottom. If you have questions, pop them on, the FHIR list or send an email to

If you're in a FHIR-I quarter, please capture your attendance here: Notes from FHIR-I Quarters

Thur Q4

Saal 2, Heumarkt - FMG - LM, EK, GG, JM

  • Review of the week

Salon 22, Titisee - IC

  • FHIR Certification
  • HL7 FHIR Trademark Policy – use of FHIR in local domain names

Salon 20, Fulda - PA

  • FHIR ballot reconciliation - Person

Thur Q5

Saal 2, Heumarkt - Roundtable - MnM, Vocab, FHIR-I - LM, GG, JM, EK

  • Roundtable of events
  • hot topics
    • Code vs. coding & binding strengths
    • 'stand alone' resources
    • isModifier

Thur Q6

Friday May 18

Fri Q0

Fri Q1

Fri Q2-Q3

Work Group Abbreviations

  • AID - Application Implementation & Design
  • AWG - Attachments
  • BR&R - Biomedical Research and Regulation
  • CBCP - Community Based Care and Privacy
  • CDS - Clinical Decision Support
  • CIC - Clinical Interoperability Council
  • CIMI - Clinical Information Modeling Initiative
  • CG - Clinical Genomics
  • CH - Child Health
  • CQI - Clinical Quality Information
  • CGIT - Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing
  • DEV - Devices
  • EHR - Electronic Health Records
  • EST - Electronic Services & Tooling
  • FGB - FHIR Governance Board
  • FM - Financial Management
  • FMG - FHIR Management Group
  • FTSD - Foundation and Technology Steering Division
  • HSI - Healthcare Standards Integration
  • IHE - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
  • II - Imaging Integration
  • InM - Implementation & Messaging
  • ITS - Implementation Technology Services
  • MnM - Modeling & Methodology
  • MH - Mobile Health
  • OHT - Open Health Tools
  • OO - Orders & Observations
  • PA - Patient Administration
  • PC - Patient Care
  • PH - Public Health, Emergency Response
  • Pharm - Pharmacy
  • SD - Structured Documents
  • Sec - Security
  • SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
  • Temp - Templates
  • Voc - Vocabulary