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FHIR Agenda 201409 WGM

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This is a list of known FHIR-related sessions happening at the Sep. 2014 Chicago WGM.

This is the "official" list and is more up-to-date than the on-site guide, so please consider this your primary source for FHIR-related information. If you're aware of other FHIR-related activities happening or planned schedules change through-out the week, *please* update this list. Also, feel free to fill in more detailed agenda topics.

Note that some quarters are completely dedicated to FHIR. Others may only deal with FHIR for part of the session or briefly. Non-dedicated sessions are included in italics.

For those new to HL7, Quarters are as follows: Q0=breakfast, Q1=9-10:30, Q2=11:00-12:30, Q3=1:45-3:00, Q4=3:30-5, Q5=dinner time, Q6=after dinner, until everyone crashes

To keep this page easy to use, meetings on days that have already occurred are "commented out". (You can see them by editing or viewing history)

Saturday Sep 13


Room TBD - Connectathon

  • Solution development
  • ad-hoc testing & discussions

Sunday Sep 14


Room TBD - Connectathon

Lunch - FGB and FMG

Lake Michigan Room

Monday Sep 15

Q0 - FGB

Conference Room 4L - Strategic planning


Room TBD -

Lunch - FMG

Conference Room 4L

  • Metrics development

Friday Sep 18


Room TBD -

Q1- FGB and FMG

  • recap