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Extracting data from a RIM-based object store

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(from the 2010-03-11 Minutes)

  • Andrea: one of the main questions from end-users that needs to be answered is: how do I query a RIMBAA database? Their application will be able to deal with standard queries, but all end-users/customers have a need to do queries not covered by their standard application. Rene: so we need to show how the approach would work, i.e. a kind of "Crystal Report" approach for a RIMBAA database. Michael: And what about research queries? How do we get data from a RIMBAA database to e.g. SPSS.
    • Rene: I think this is a new issue, one that we could try and deal with once the Safe querying of a RIM-based data model-issue has been dealt with. We’ll create another Extracting data from a RIM-based object store issue (which will be a mostly empty page for now until the safe querying issue has been resolved).