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Enhance C-CDA Value Sets Project

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Project Information

This project will perform quality assurance against existing C-CDA value sets and define an ongoing Value Set maintenance process.

Issues Reported

Nbr Issue Planned Mitigation/Resolution Submitter Date Submitted
1 If you can't run the app, then you can't share your screen. So anyone that uses via the internet browser can’t show their screen. . Dave Hamill 2016-11-01
2 Jeff Brown couldn't download the app; got a ‘server not found error . Jeff Brown 2016-11-01
3 Canadian PC cannot request a new account . Andy Stechishin 2016-11-15
4 Doesn’t offer Canadian number Use VOIP Dave Hamill 2017-02-10
5 Telephone number still costs money to use it. it’s an 0330 number, so it’s standard tariff. . Julie James 2017-02-15
6 How to VOIP isn’t clear Add instructions to the Tip Sheet Julie James 2017-02-15
7 Telephone numbers not included in T-Mobile Plans and cost about a penny a minute, perhaps other phone plans are affected Use VOIP Ted Klein 2017-02-15
8 Paul Knapp reports poor audio quality in Saudi Arabia, making it unusable. FCC Trouble Ticket opened by Wayne. Awaiting further details Wayne Kubick 2017-04-26
9 Many larger organizations are not allowed to download executable files -- Mayo and Quest Diagnostics are two of them. Hence, they cannot host a meeting nor be presenters (as both functions require a .exe file to be downloaded and run). The can, however, view screen sharing via the web (but still not present). . Rick Haddorff and Freida Hall 2017-06-08
10 When having to act as a host for many different Work Groups that have accounts, even though I click on the current meeting’s FCC link to host, FCC often times brings up my prior FCC that I hosted. This means it often takes 5-7 minutes to get screen sharing going as I have to log out and re-download the .exe, often multiple times (3+ times). . Dave Hamill 2017-06-08
11 The reports that are generated contain email addresses. A concern was brought forward that some people may not want their emails publicized. . Frieda Hall 2017-06-08
12 Perhaps we allow WGs to use whatever screen sharing device is best for them as long as they provide the login credentials to appear in the new Utilities tab on each Work Group's page. This means that any co-chair will have access to view the login credentials and utilize the screen sharing when they're chairing a meeting. . Dave Hamill 2017-06-29
13 In the call I held earlier today, one participant was unable to connect via phone at all (he was told the access code was invalid), another unable to use VOIP (but successful using phone); third successful using Skype. Is there a way to check why the access code was reported as invalid? . Wayne Kubick 2017-07-11
14 ."issue" . . .
. . . . .